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Frequently Asked Questions

A Career Learning Path is a roadmap that will contain 5-15 steps and courses in order to get you from your current role to your desired role.

You will receive a document from us outlining the potential skill gaps you have now to do your desired role and which courses, books or material you can use to close these gaps.

Our Learning Paths are curated by professionals who interviewed and worked for Google, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Over the course of the years Preppally have helped more than 600 people land their dream jobs.

Our roadmap contains step-by-step actions you can take in order to go from your current to your desired role.

These steps include material you should consider going over in your free time.

The Learning Path contains external resources. You need to go over these resources in your own free time. Preppally tries to prioritize free resources above paid resources, but most Learning Paths contain a combination of the two.

The cost of paid resources (courses, books, material) are not included in the Learning Path.

Preppally believes in quality over quantity.

Once your payment for the ‘Skip The Line’ you will be redirect to a new page. You can submit your information on this page.

You need to use the same email address you used during checkout in your application form.

You will receive your Learning Path within 1 working week.

We currently only provide 1 Learning Path for free per person. Once you have submitted the form, further submissions will be ignored.

You can request unlimited Learning Paths via Skip The Line.

This service might not be yet for you. In order for Preppally to provide you with a qualitative Learning Path, it’s important we understand:

  • Your previous experience
  • Your desired role

In the case you don’t know yet your desired role, it’s recommended to use our Career Path AI to get inspiration.

It’s important you provide as much information as possible. Make sure to upload your most recent resume and include your LinkedIn profile.

Your previous experience and education is used in order to do a ‘gap analysis‘ to provide you with recommendations to work towards your desired role.

Preppally receives tens of requests per day. In order to deliver the right Learning Path for you there is a current waiting time of 3 months. Preppally prioritizes quality above quantity.

You can ‘Skip The Line’ for $20. Your request will be handled within a week.

Preppally currently doesn’t save any of the data you have provided to us in the different tools. The data is also not stored. Your answers will only be used in order to be processed to come up with the output that will be provided to you.

Yes, in the case you have filled in the form and decide later to purchase the ‘Skip The Line’, Preppally will prioritise your request and provide you a personalized Learning Path within 1 working week from your payment.

Make sure to complete your purchase using the same email address you used to submit the form.

In the case you have any other questions, please check:

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