Partnership features breakdown

Get a personalised partnership to close your talent gaps

Preppally for Business is our business solution allowing tech companies to benefit from the Preppally network.

Businesses can:

  • Connect early with top candidates
  • Access our extensive talent pool
  • Build out a diversity and inclusive presence
  • Enable teams to be more diverse and representative
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Business features in our packages

Depending on your package you will have access to the following features. All marketing features (advertising placements, co-marketing) include the distribution across our social media and network.

We prefer to work together.

We prefer to work together and have a collaboration in which we both win. All of our packages are easily adaptable and features can be discussed on a partnership basis.

We provide measurement and transparency from start to finish.

Talent Pool Access

Get access to the data of our members.

You will get access to our member’s* contact details and resumes. This allows you to source new talent directly from Preppally.

* Members are individuals who bought the individual course, including the one with mentorship. This excludes the members that are part of a branded cohort.

Full Branded Cohort

You will get exclusive access to the contact details and resumes of 25 members (mentorship cohort). The full cohort will be branded as your company fellows. You can decide to have a mentor from your company or work with one of our Preppally mentors.

A fully branded cohort allows you to establish relationship early on and become their preferred company to apply for.

Scholarships Mentorship Candidates

Establish an early relationship with potential applicants for your company. You can grant 25 or 100 people (depending on the package) free access to our course and mentorship.

Give back and invest in potential future talent.

Advertising Placements

Depending on your package you will have different advertising placements.

Essential: one placement in the course content.

Pro: one placement in the course content, one placement on the course platform and monthly message to our members.

Premium: two placements in the course content, one placement on the course platform, one placement on the website and a monthly message to our members.

Partner Job Postings

Depending on your package you can post job postings on our platform. Job postings will directly link to the application page you desire.

Job postings can be changed every quarter. The postings will features in our quarterly newsletter to our members.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Depending on your package you can work with us to provide tailored content to our members.

These are perfect for brand building. We will provide the infrastructure to host a live stream, career booth, podcast, testimonials or co-written articles and facilitate the direct distribution across our members and followers.

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