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Mentorship Program at Preppally

How Mentorship Programs make a difference

Personal Mentorship

We pair you with someone who has a successful career at a tech company. This person will help you during your application in order to increase your likelihood to get hired. Personal mentorship has a positive impact on your chances to get hired.

Resume reviews

Make sure your online presence and resume is completely adopted to the job you are applying for. Our mentors provide you valuable insights in preparing your resume.

Company-candidate matchmaking

Our mentors will help you find a role and company that fits your profile. We listen to your ambitions and will help you identifying your dream role at a company matching your profile.

Interview practice sessions

Preparation makes perfect. Practice interview questions and learn to apply the different frameworks from our course in real life. Get realtime feedback on how to structure and improve your answers.


More than 93% of employees at Google are referrals. Being a referral from a current employee will increase your chance of getting an interview drastically.

Mentorship candidates profile

Our Mentorship Program is open for everyone who has access to our Preppally Career Guidance Program. In order to be considered for the Mentorship Program you will need to apply.

Successful candidates are selected by our partner companies.

We hope our mentees feel inspired to come back as mentors at a later point in time. Giving back can change the lives of others.

Applications do not guarantee you will be selected as we might be limited by capacity.

Preppally Mentorship Program

Live mentorship sessions
Availability: successful applicants
Access: 2-3 months
Price: Free* or €150/session
Or equivalent in local currency

Our commitment to underrepresented candidates

We are committed to help those who need it the most.

Preppally is committed to respect the unique needs, perspectives and potential of all candidates. Our mission is to contribute to a workforce at tech companies representing the diversity of the real world. We believe representation leads to better decisions, products and society.