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Free career guidance resources

Preppally is committed to make your career change to a tech company successful. Via our programs, our students are able to find their full potential in order to land a job at a top 10 tech company. Our mission is to accelerate your commercial career regardless of your background.

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Under our free career guidance resources, you will find free information that will help you achieve your ambitious career goals.

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3x Free editable resume templates

3x Free editable resume templates

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  • Referrals work 5x better to land a job

Referrals work 5x better to land a job

Referrals are 5x more effective and 55% faster than hiring someone via career websites. This is why companies love referrals but only 25% of candidates are leveraging their professional connections to get referrals. In this article, we cover six tips on how to get more referrals for jobs at tech companies.
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  • Self-Test desired company size

Test: 23 questions to find your desired company size

Deciding which company size is best for you is hard. In order to help, we made a self-test which can help you define the match between yourself and different company size. Answer 23 questions and get to know which company size is the best for you. Go take our self-test and find out which company size is the best one for your personality!
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  • Preppally | Blog | Diversity in Big Tech

Diversity in big tech: leaders, followers and opportunities

Tech companies are known for setting the bar when it comes to diversity recruitment but the progress is low. While these companies traditionally have a strategy about diversity, they are still struggling to obtain the targets they have outlined for themselves. In this article we cover the leaders, followers and opportunities.
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