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Preppally is committed to make your career change to a tech company successful. Via our programs, our students are able to find their full potential in order to land a job at a top 10 tech company. Our mission is to accelerate your commercial career regardless of your background.

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Under our free career guidance resources, you will find free information that will help you achieve your ambitious career goals.

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3x Free editable resume templates

3x Free editable resume templates

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  • Job Interviews: Showcasing Your Problem Solving Skills

Job Interviews Showcasing Problem Solving Skills

Showcasing your problem solving skills during job interviews is key and here is how.. Ace interviews by showcasing adaptability, creativity, and effective communication skills.
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  • 5 Tips to Unlock Internal Career Growth Prospects

5 Tips: Unlock Internal Career Growth Prospects

Unlock your internal career growth potential with these 5 tips. Self-assessment, networking, SMART goals, skill development, and mentorship are your keys to success.
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  • Recognizing a Toxic Workplace: Signs and Solutions

Recognizing a Toxic Workplace: 5 Signs and Tips

In a toxic workplace, stress and dissatisfaction thrive, leading to health issues and reduced motivation. Recognizing toxic behaviors and culture is the crucial first step toward a healthier work environment.
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