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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very powerful way to improve your resume, optimize your LinkedIn page or get recommendations for your career path.

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  • Stand out amongst others
  • Understand next career steps
  • Save hours of time with our AI tools

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Different account types

Whenever you use on of our tools one time, you will consume one Preppally credit.

You can get more credits by creating an account or purchasing a career guidance program.

On the tool pages you will find what you get for the amount of credits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wikipedia defines Artificial Intelligence as:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence—perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information—demonstrated by machines, as opposed to intelligence displayed by non-human animals and humans.

Example tasks in which this is done include speech recognition, computer vision, translation between (natural) languages, as well as other mappings of inputs.

We define it as:

The technology that enabled us to make amazing tools for you!

Currently we recommend to use our tools in order to support you in the creation of your resume, LinkedIn profile or let it help you define a next career step.

Most platform provide the ability to check your resume in order to improve it. They provide recommendations based on what you have, but you will need to rewrite it manually.

Our solutions write the content for you. When you input some basic information, we will be able to construct a solution for you.

The only thing you will still have to do is copy/paste the output in your template. No need to rethink the output or tweak it!

There might be multiple reasons for an error. The most common ones are:

  • You ran out of credits – in this case create and account or purchase a program
  • You declined cookies – in order for us to divide the right amount of credits per user, we need to identify the user temporary. When you decline cookies, we won’t know who you are. Try again in an other browser.
Whenever we have beta products, they will be available to our program customers in their dedicated career portal.

We will test them here before making them generally available.

Currently, you will not be able to see how many credits you have left, but we will provide a notification whenever you ran out of credits.

Who says it didn’t already?

We honestly think it’s safe and it has been used for years in different products you use on a daily basis: YouTube, TikTok, Google Photos, Apple, Spotify, Netflix…

Yes. On the dedicated pages of the different available solutions you will find a video with an explanation on how to use the solution.

Artifical Intelligence, and especially the servers necessary for the computer power, are currently very expensive.

In order to decrease to keep track of our cost, we will give more free credits gradually.

When you buy a program, you will help us sustain the tools.

Once you create a free account, the credits will automatically be updated. You will be able to use the existing tools up to 10 times more. This should be enough to build your whole resume!

Preppally currently doesn’t save any of the data you have provided to us in the different tools. The data is also not stored. Your answers will only be used in order to be processed to come up with the output that will be provided to you.

Once you leave the page of the tool, the data you provided will be gone.

When you purchase a career program, you will get access to an exclusive portal where you can find tons of other resources.

In this portal, you will also be able to find the Resume, LinkedIn or Career Path solutions. You will also get access to beta’s!

In the case you run out of free credits, you can either:

No. All credits are provided to visitors and logged-in users automatically.

We do not need credit card information and we also do not charge for additional credits.

Credits are tied to your ‘status’ on our website. When you buy a program, you will do a one-off purchase of credits that are included in your program. You currently cannot buy additional credits.

We use OpenAI as underlying technology and their trained models. OpenAI is famous for the creation of DALL•E and ChatGPT.

Preppally uses generative AI while most other tools provide solutions that do a ‘check’ but don’t create any content.

In the case you have any other questions, please check:

You can also use our live chat:

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