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  • Behavioral Interview Questions 10 Best Examples

Behavioral Interview Questions 10 Best Examples

Got an upcoming behavioral interview? Make sure to understand how to answer different behavioral interview questions, how you can best prepare and practice some common examples. Preppally has multiple resources to make you stand out during interviews.
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  • Network As Student To Land Your First Good Job

Network As Student To Land Your First Good Job

Tapping into your network is still today an underutilized resource, especially for students. Students should build a network in order to help them get a better starting position. In this guide you will learn how to build a network and get more out of it!
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  • Marketing Managers 5 Reasons Interview Practice

Marketing Managers: 5 Reasons Interview Practice

Every months Preppally covers one specific job type and how to best prepare for a job interview. This month you can find the 5 most prominent reasons why Marketing Managers should prepare for interviews and how they can practice to stand out.
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  • 5 Tips to Make a Better Resume to Apply for Jobs

5 Tips to Make a Better Resume to Apply for Jobs

Having a better resume than other candidates is crucial when you apply for jobs. Optimizing your presentation, your utilization of keywords and how you write down your experience are all important if you want to stand out. In this article you find 5 tips on how to make your resume better.
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  • 5 Massive Benefits from Job Interview Practice

5 Massive Benefits from Job Interview Practice

Still in doubt how interview practice will help you get your dream role? Job interview practice has a massive positive influence on how well you will do during a job interview. Getting the right practice will make you become better during your application. Here are the five biggest benefits.
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