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Our story

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge.

Founders Story

In 2018, Jeroen De Koninck got hired at Google after applying more than 18 times for various tech companies. What made the 18th time different was the help from peers.

For the first time, the application was a social process and not only relying on own expertise. Getting nudges in the right direction made the difference.

He decided to give back. As tech companies are experiencing talent gaps, it was clear there is a misalignment between candidates and open positions.

About the opportunity

To solve the misalignment, we started to help people to land a job in tech. After helping more than 20 individuals we needed to find a solution at scale.

Preppally is this solution at scale.
We help candidates increase their hiring chances, get personal mentorship and learn from peers. While companies can connect with top candidates, reach communities and build diverse teams.

We additionally focus on diverse profiles.

About how we do things


We build a community. We connect members, NGOs and tech companies so they can benefit and learn from each other.


We provide personal mentorship to our members and create personal solutions for our corporate partners.


We don’t discriminate. We keep prices for members low and provide our solution for free for those who need it the most.


We deliver. We make recruitment and diverse hiring measurable. We understand your return on investment.

Meet the team

Preppally | Career Guidance | Jeroen De Koninck | Founder

Jeroen De Koninck

Founder Preppally
Sales lead at Pinterest
Ex-marketing at Google

What makes our story different?

We are aware we are not the only option. Still we differentiate ourselves.

Preppally offers a qualitative community and better targeting. A more personalised approach. Our platform is created by employees of big tech companies. We know your business.

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