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Preppally enabled more than 100 people land their dream job at tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Reddit and more.

Get the concepts, frameworks and practice to get a career at their dream tech company.

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Preppally | Land your dream job at tech companies in 6 months

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Preppally | Career Guidance | Students hired by Google in tech
Preppally | Career Guidance | Students hired by Microsoft in tech
Preppally | Career Guidance | Students hired by LinkedIn in tech
Preppally | Career Guidance | Students hired by Slack in tech
Preppally | Career Guidance | Students hired by Salesforce in tech

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Preppally | Career Guidance | Get hired in tech | Testimonial Jasper

“The scaled programs come with tons of exercises”

Landed a role as Account Director at LinkedIn 🇮🇪
Discover their career path on

They helped me find a company to work for in Dublin (LinkedIn). The scaled programs comes with tons of exercises. If I remember correctly, I did more than 75 practice exercises and a few mock interviews. This helped me so much to prepare for a real life setting. LinkedIn was the first company I applied for after finishing their course and I am now working here! Can only recommend it!

Jasper Roberti 🇳🇱, Read the full testimonial
Preppally Kratunjali's testimonial

“I was sceptical myself but I have zero regrets!”

Landed a role as Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft 🇧🇪
Discover their career path on

I am living in Belgium without Belgian nationality, still Preppally made what seemed impossible possible. I am now working at Microsoft in Belgium as a Cloud Solution Architect and increasing my compensation tremendously. The cost of the course is absolutely nothing compared to the value you get from the it.

Krutanjali Deore 🇮🇳, Read the full testimonial
Miroshen Testimonial

“I couldn’t recommend this platform enough!”

Landed a role as Business Development Rep EMEA at Slack 🇮🇪
Discover their career path on

I couldn’t recommend this platform enough! I have always wanted to work in Tech but found the interviews daunting. But Preppally has helped me prep for my interview with Slack, and you wouldn’t guess where I am working right now ;)

Miroshen Govender 🇿🇦, Read the full testimonial
Frederic Van Kelecom Testimonial

“My assumption was that in order to get into tech companies, you either had to be incredibly smart or really lucky. Until I found Preppally…”

Landed a role as Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft 🇮🇪
Discover their career path on

When I felt confident enough, I applied for the cloud solution architect role in Dublin. I noticed I wasn’t nervous and that I was able to leverage a lot of the knowledge that I learned from the Preppally course. All my interviews went successful and I was offered the role. I was absolutely over the moon, but I knew that it would not have gone that way if I hadn’t signed up for Preppally.

I highly recommend Preppally to anyone that is interested in working for a big tech company but doesn’t know where to start. The courses are easy to follow and ramp you up for success. Now I’m almost 2 years at Microsoft and incredibly happy I made the move!

Frederic Van Kelecom 🇧🇪, Read the full testimonial
Heidi Bui Testimonial

“Enrolling in Preppally’s courses is one of the best decisions”

Current user of Preppally

I personally found the course in GALAXY PROGRAM super useful and valuable that provides enormous practical resources, techniques and recommendations which are well-organized in an easy way to follow. I highly recommend it for anyone who want to successfully land a job in tech!

Heidi Bui 🇻🇳, Read the full testimonial

Get hired at your dream company

93% of Preppally users landed their dream job within 6 months

Stop climbing the job ladder to a destination you don’t want. Get the concepts, frameworks and practice to get a career at their dream tech company.

Learn how to land your dream job from start to finish:

112 lessons
14 hours of content
115 exercises
100 interview questions
One-on-one mentorship
100% refund guarantee

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is the average first on target salary of Preppally Members in the United States.

Google and Microsoft

are the two current top employers where our members start.

93% of our members

are now working in sales or marketing at a tech company.

How it works

1. Get started for free

Get Started for free

Find out what company type and role might be a good fit for you

2. Define your goal

Define your goal

Decide where you want to work and in what kind of role

3. Learn to standout

Learn to Stand out

Prepare your job application via our Career Guidance Programs

4. Land your dream job

Land your dream job

Sign your new contract at your dream company

What you will learn

Stop thinking you are not good enough to work at top companies of the world.
Develop yourself to proof them wrong.

Our instructors work at

Instructors work at:

Preppally instructors from Google
Preppally instructors from Pinterest
Preppally instructors from LinkedIn

Who should follow our programs

All our programs are designed for young professionals with 0 to 12 years of experience. There are three programs, depending on what you want to learn.

The Complete Program

The Essential Program

The Light Program

Our commitment to underrepresented candidates

We are committed to help those who need it the most.

Preppally provides personal mentoring, resume reviews, match making, practice sessions and referrals for those who successfully apply and get matched to a tech company that will provide a mentor.

Check if you are eligible below and receive feedback in 5 working days.

How we help you to success

Life long access and community

Connect with peers
Connect with tech companies
Visibility to recruiters
Life long access to all material
Life long access to community

Increase hiring chance

Create the best resume
Enhance your online presence
Find the right job fit
Access application roadmap
Learn tech interview frameworks
Tech leadership
Role related knowledge
General cognitive ability
Networking best practices

Get personal mentoring*

Resume reviews
Company-candidate matchmaking
Personal mentorship
Interview practice sessions

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Preppally for business

Connect with top candidates while building diverse teams.

Companies can connect with top candidates and build a more diverse, inclusive and accessible company that is better representing their users.

Discover the options for businesses and become a crucial partner for candidates while they are looking for a role within tech. Navigate below to see the variety of options and get in touch with one of our team members.

Preppally strives for success for both our users and partners.

Personal approach and brand

Personal approach and brand

Build consideration for your company early on in the application journey of candidates.

Create more diverse teams

Create more diverse teams

Trackable DE&I investments with real impact for the communities you support while creating diverse teams.

Connect with our members

Connect with our members

Company-candidate matchmaking and access to high quality candidate pool.